Debugging LPC2378 using serial debug monitor

Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Debugging NXP LPC2378 with EPSDebugger using serial debug monitor IADM at a glance.


As debug interface the UART0 is used like by ISP. The debug monitor code is booted by ISP. Monitor image not more than 8192bytes and resides in FLASH memory at base address 0. Current version used 0×170 bytes of internal RAM memory. Debug monitor is running in supervisor mode. By default supports up to 16 software breakpoints in FLASH memory and unlimited breakpoints in RAM. FLASH memory breakpoints can be extended by monitor image rebuild but it results in larger RAM consumption by the monitor. Breakpoints are in FLASH memory inserted permanently. Debugger GUI allows to enable / disable and when it is disabled the breakpoint location is executed with slightly higher overhead. Current version is tailored for LPC2378 but with little change it is possible to adapt it for most of LPC2x devices.

Target application is linked in special way with base address 0×2000.

Sample target hardware used to connect with host computer
NXP-IADM target connection