Building STM32Cube projects using Code::Blocks

Wed, Jul 18, 2018

First must mention that ST does not prefer Code::Blocks for developing embedded device projects. The IDE despite of this drawback is usable for building available STM32Cube projects. Solution is importer plugin. As first step the STM32Cube Eclipse project importer plugin is a must. Here in our example were are going to import STM324x9I-EVAL_USBH-HUB to play around USB HUBs.

Choose desired .cproject file
choose desired .cproject file

Next step is selection of proper toolchain. Only GCC based toolchaines are supported ! Since our evaluation board is STM32429I-EVAL1 we are choosing following:
toolchain selection

And as final step we need to mark set of configuration we want to import but here we have exactly one.
build targets

Now we have build ready project with Debug target selected
project created after import

All other modifications we make as usually for other Code::Blocks projects.